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A cooperative arrangement with REKOTEX will give you, as a customer, the possibility to buy leftover fabrics from textile manufacturers’ production, so called leftover fabrics. This will give you a unique business opportunity to obtain high quality textiles in smaller quantities than normally offered by fabric producers. In addition, it enables shorter lead-times as the fabrics are already manufactured and stocked in the producers’ warehouses.

The fabrics are part of the Re-Source Collection presented on this platform. Only when you as a buyer have selected a particular fabric that you want to use in a current collection, will the material be sent from the producer’s storage shelf to your sewing department. In addition, REKOTEX will be able to offer you, through cooperation with TEKO Logistik, very favourable and sustainable freight conditions.

Together with our partners, REKOTEX is aiming to create effective circular flows, in which textile resources are taken care of in a productive and responsible way.

 " My goal is that fashion companies should check what other clothing manufacturers have in stock, before ordering from textile producers." Marie Jonsson, founder of Rekotex

We welcome you to our webshop to find out what the Re-source Collection can offer to improve your business. If you search for a specific quality that you don´t find in our shop just contact us and we will listen with our partners if there is rolls in there warehouses that you can bring new lifes to.


Is your company interested in making circular flows in the textile production by selling left over fabrics?
Please contact us info@rekotex.se